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More to Consider When Chartering a Chapter

It may take about the time of one academic term to charter a chapter on your campus.


To become an official member, students are required to pay a one-time membership fee which includes a $60 international fee, a regional fee (ranging $1-$10), and in some cases a small local fee. Some colleges use funds from their foundations or other budgetary sources to cover all or part of their membership fees for students, so finances do not become barriers to students experiencing the benefits of PTK membership. If your college cannot cover the membership fee and a student needs financial assistance to become a member, they may be eligible for the Golden Opportunity Scholarship.

Contact Information

For more questions about chartering a chapter, contact your Divisional Specialist.


Division I: Monica Bates

Division II: Christopher Bingham

Division III: Paige Still

Division IV: Erica Bold

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