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Member Highlight

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Allurie Joy Almogela, c/o 2021

Pacific Region Vice President, SY 2020-2021

Since the McInerny Foundation Early College 3.0 Program at Waipahu High School was the first to have a PTK charter on its campus, having a high school dual-enrolled student taking on higher leadership roles in PTK was uncommon. Ms. Allurie Joy Almogela decided to represent our Beta Chi Omega Chapter by being the first to serve as a Pacific Region Officer. She graduated from Leeward Community College with her Associate’s in Arts degree in Spring 2020, graduated from Waipahu High School with her diploma in Spring 2021, and graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in Spring 2022.

Taylor Fukunaga, c/o 2022

International Division IV Vice President, SY 2021-2022

In PTK’s 103 years of establishment, there was never a high school dual-enrolled student who served in the international office. That was until Ms. Taylor Fukunaga stepped up to the challenge, serving as the Division IV Vice President. She used her leadership skills to lead 263 chapters in 13 states and 6 countries/territories. During her time in office, Taylor also played varsity softball, was the Student Government President, and so much more! She is now attending the University of La Verne to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.


Keziah Christie Ancheta, c/o 2023

Pacific Region President, SY 2021-2022

International Co-President, SY 2022-2023

Ms. Keziah Christie Ancheta decided to first serve at the Pacific Region level and later, the international level. As the Pacific Region President, Keziah helped to lead the 15 chapters in Hawaii, Guam, Palau, American Samoa, the Marshall Islands, and more! On the international level, as the President, she leads approximately over 1,275 chapters with 3.5 million members. Keziah is also pursuing her Associate in Arts degree at Leeward Community College and takes part in her class council, the school’s wrestling team, and even JROTC.

Maverick Yasuda, c/o 2023

Pacific Region Service Officer, SY 2021-2022

While balancing his role as the Student Government Treasurer, Ivy League Club President, and maintaining membership in the National Honor Society, National Technical Society, and Spanish Honor Society. Mr. Maverick Yasuda worked together with Keziah as well as two other community college students from Honolulu Community College and Guam Community College to plan and execute service activities for the 15 chapters within the  Pacific Region.

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