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Eligibility Requirements

Our Beta Chi Omega Chapter has two different types of membership: provisional membership and inducted membership.

This makes PTK an accessible opportunity to all our Early College students, no matter their grade level and number of courses taken.

Provisional Membership

Students from grades 9-12 who have taken at least ONE Early College class and has a minimum of a 3.5 highschool GPA are eligible to be provisional members. As a provisional member, students have access to many leadership, fellowship, and service activities to build up their resume. It is a great opportunity to be a part of before getting inducted!

Inducted Membership

As an inducted member, students have access to over 9.5 million dollars in scholarships in addition to access to various leadership, scholarship, and service opportunities! To get inducted, students must have a minimum of 12 college credits and a minimum of a 3.5 college cumulative GPA

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